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Don’t be afriad to go
out on a limb. That’s
where the fruit is.

Hey I’m Hollis

Speaker, Author, & Observer
Business Development & Strategic Marketing

I was born with the entrepreneur bug, starting my first business before I could even drive. Formal education was comprised of a bachelor’s degree in professional sales and marketing accompanied by a three month course spent in the wilderness mastering the pillars of leadership.


If you are interested in partnerships, promotions, consulting, podcast, blog, or just want to tell me what you have on your mind please do so here!


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Hollis Carter is the Rock Star of publishing in today's digital age -  his vision and big-picture thinking is revolutionary in digital marketing and sales. Hollis's  talent, together with his leadership skills and a maturity far beyond his years, is the platform WR Publishing  is based on."


Ryan Wiik

Actor/founder, WR Entertainment Group

Michael Lovitch

Founder, RealDose Nutrition

About seven years ago in an undisclosed Atlanta hotel…

A big “marketing” fight broke out amongst some of the top marketers in the field (you would know all of their names)

And to my surprise, this kid who looked all of 12 years old was kicking everyone’s ass!

He was just out of school, but wise beyond his years.

From that night on he has become the first person I go to when I need to figure out how to navigate a tough situation.

That kid’s name is Hollis Carter, and you need to listen to what he has to say.

When we wanted to spark serious growth in our company, we turned to Hollis. Within a few days he gave us a step-by-step roadmap we could follow walking us through exactly what needed to be done and in which order. If you want to get rid of all the noise and finally get clarity on what you need to do to get where you want to be, Hollis is your guy.


Travis Steffen


Andrea Lake


Steve Wright


Jordan Reasoner


Hollis has been the business growth Shaman (guide) we've needed for years.  He's helped us generate almost a full 7-figures since he joined our team 5 months ago.  Not only that, but what we love more than the revenue is the sanity and vision he brings to our team because of his background growing so many businesses.

When it comes to navigating life's trickier predicaments, knowing someone who's comfortable slipping in and out of loopholes is key. Hollis is your go-to-guy. Combining an incredible background in internet marketing, sales, and strategy, with a modern day philosopher's outlook on life and zest for living, Hollis is that adventurous yet poignant companion you've been looking for your entire life.


Joey Coleman

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