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Velocity House: How A Founder Is Gaming Amazon For Leads – with Hollis Carter

This is going to be a polarizing interview. It’s going to be polarizing because you’re about to meet a founder who’s basically gaming Amazon, turning it into a lead generation machine, and using it to just create a fun lifestyle for himself. Hollis Carter is the founder of Velocity House, a publisher that takes people with big audiences, and big ideas, and turns them into authors who can capitalize on those ideas. I invited him here to talk about what he does.

How Hollis Carter Generated Evergreen, PAYING Traffic by Putting Kindle Books on the Amazon Bestseller List

Discover how Hollis Carter and his business partner Jonny Andrews: – Generate insane traffic in an environment of hundreds of millions of buyers a.k.a. Amazon – Market and create only high-quality, relevant content based on what readers are truly seeking – Put 200 books on the Amazon bestseller list (and counting)

Can A Book Be The Ultimate Business Partner

There is no question about it, handing a client or potential employer a business card is becoming less and less effective. What does a business card say about you anyway? It does not matter if you are just entering the working world or you are a seasoned professional, more people are competing for the same positions then ever before. To succeed in the real world you must find something that says a little bit more about who you are then your name, address, phone number and where you are currently employed (if you are employed). Of course a resume is a must have at any interview, but then again everyone has one.

About Hollis

Hollis Carter is successfully living a life outside of the box. In this rapidly changing world we live in, it is exciting to see people like Hollis who are instrumental in changing the way we work, play, and live. Over the last 6 years has spent most of his time traveling, eating, drinking, skiing and adding value to those around him building a powerful network that has allowed for his speedy success. He has become a true master of the N.M.B. (Natural, Mutual, Beneficial) Relationship.

Raised outside of Atlanta, Georgia, Hollis was a born an entrepreneur, starting his own landscaping company before he had a driver’s license. He attended college in Georgia, and with some good nudging from his parents he graduated with a degree in professional sales and marketing.

Hollis has always felt called to the outdoors, and has a passion for nature.


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